Do Something #isyourheartorange is a special project connected with the Opioid Task Force of Franklin County. The Opioid Task Force is a subcommittee from our FRESH Coalition.

We can all Do Something in pursuit of fighting the opioid epidemic, ending the stigma of addiction, supporting loved ones of those battling addiction, and supporting those in addiction.

The Do Something campaign was initiated after the loss of a young man in Franklin County who at one time had struggled with opioid addiction.  After a tragic car accident took his life, his family took up the cause to raise awareness about preventing opioid abuse.  His favorite color was orange and it is now used to represent hope. 

This epidemic is one that touches many families and you never know who is fighting a battle that we may know nothing about.  In an effort to start the conversation and break down the stigma, #isyourheartorange is simply asking if you or your loved ones have ever been effected by opioid addiction.  Please search and/or share photos with the hashtag #isyourheartorange on Instagram and Facebook.  We’d love to see your efforts to Do Something!

What Can You Do?