Drug Free MHC

Vision Statement

Drug-Free MHC is the cornerstone of a safe and drug free community

Mission Statement

Drug-Free MHC is a collaborative partnership working to build a safe and drug-free community through education, prevention and networking resources.

Primary Purpose

Drug Free MHC currently has four goals that we are working on the complete within the next six months:

  1. Operationalize Drug Free MHC as the converner of the coalition – Launch an outreach campaign to engage community and crate a community dialog with education, such as “Do you know…? and here is how you can help. Instill HOPE (Help Overcome Perceptions and Empower)
  2. Increase the capacity of K-12 education – Find evidence based programs to implement and that are accessible, starting at an early age and that are geared for the whole family.
  3. Initiate the community education process – Identify various venues to get out the message community-wide accessibility of drug treatment initiatives and relevant statistics on the importance of changing the status quo (i.e. , substance abuse is a disease and does not discriminate). Discover and inform about the resources that are already available.
  4. Implement Project Revive (Naloxone) – Identify who should have access and who should be trained to use Naloxone. Bring to the community or develop needed training to administer Naloone. Promote preventive and treatment services for individuals who may have to use or have used Naloxone.


Contact Information

Tobie Panos, Drug-Free MHC Coordinator